— Tay

To me, photography is the most beautiful marriage of

art and connection.

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"My passion revolves around capturing the essence of love and life. Yet, as I delved into typical couples' photos and perused various platforms like Pinterest, I noticed a pervasive uniformity. The same clichéd poses, the predictable lighting, the replicated detail shots. Now, don't get me wrong – there's a place for those timeless photos, ones destined for grandma's proud display on the fridge. However, the couples I encounter defy the norm.

Your individual style is awe-inspiring, your personalities radiate, and the energy of your love story is utterly captivating. You deserve photographs that mirror your uniqueness. Images that celebrate your vibrancy, showcasing you at your most alive, not merely in poised perfection. These are the snapshots that fill the scrapbook, the ones capable of making grandma blush, and the ones that, in the future, you'll nostalgically gaze upon and say, 'That is undeniably us.'

For me, photography signifies the exquisite union of artistry and connection. It transcends a mere job; each client holds a special place in my heart. I vividly recollect the intricate details, heartfelt vows, and fleeting moments of every session I've been privileged to document. As a creative soul, transforming these intimate, milestone moments into timeless art, something you'll cherish eternally, is genuinely a dream realized."

"Weddings are a sacred event, cultivated from the two most invaluable sources in life love & time."

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"In my photography journey, I've come to understand the sanctity of these moments. The exchange of vows, the tender glances, and the heartfelt embraces speak volumes about the profound connection shared by two individuals. Each wedding encapsulates a unique narrative, an intricate tale of love that deserves to be immortalized in timeless photographs."