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Hello my dudes, my first blog post and im a literal child, so excited to start taking my photography journey to the next level by sharing all the adventures, love and the craziness I get to live through. I wanted to start blogging to connect with you on a deeper level, I want to continue giving everyday business advice as well as the love stories of my clients love moments. I always tell my husband that I after shooting a wedding I would really love to write to my clients through my perspective on how grateful the experience was as a whole and that’s what I created this blog for.

For everyone who hasn’t followed my through my socials hi, im Tayler Irene and I am the owner of Tayler Irene Photography. I am a timeless/luxury elopement & wedding photographer who also does portrait work like engagements, couples, or maternities. I am located in Southern California specifically in the Inland Empire and all surrounding areas! I am a huge fan of architecture and find most of my inspiration through historic buildings. I am a lover of all love and I will cry at your wedding (im prepping you now), I love classical music and technically I am a newlywed still just celebrated my first year of marriage with my husband B, who is my best friend and most of my clients get to work with him too since he is my second shooter sometimes.

My life is a ever revolving door and I am just here to enjoy every opportunity, when I decided to go full time in photography I promised myself to start living life and moving in gratefulness everywhere I go and even though sometimes I get lost in the sauce, I always try my best to root myself back to my life road. I can go on and on about all the things that have lead me here but that will be for another post at another time.

I will leave you all with this, as I am mainly a wedding photographer I don’t believe in coincidences if you have found yourself reading this thank you, my only objective to this writing is to let you know the in between moments, moments I choose to freeze in time and share with you my perspective on the subject. I am only here to create a safe space and truly to share love and inspiration to you all. If you made it this far thank you for your time I can’t wait to share so much more and continue to share my journey.

With Light and love,
Tayler Irene

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