Top 5 things that help me run my wedding photography business

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When I was starting my photography business I would read a million blogs, pinterest post and even youtube videos to help me figure out what I need to start my photography business. Now that I feel like I have my groove I want to share with you 5 things that I NEED to run my wedding photography business!

Numero Uno! My best friend, my partner in crime my Sony A7 iii haha, not what you were thinking I know. But this trusty camera has just changed the game for me when starting photographing weddings. I always say its my cape if I was a superhero!

Number two, the one program that keeps my business life together! Honeybook, HB is my CRM system and is how I send all my clients contracts, proposals and even take payments. It keeps track of my calendar and allows me to create everything I need to keep my workflow as organized as possible.

Number 3, my website of course! I use show it to host my website, now i cant take credit for the beautiful design I definitely invested and got myself a website designer and it was the best thing I could have done! She curated a custom site that just explodes with exactly who my client is and takes my client through my process of their photography journey with me! I’ll leave her information below in case you are looking to hire someone to create magic for you and your website!

Alexis | Sunday Mogul :

Number four, probably one of the most important things in my business! My file backup I started out with a LaCie hard drive backup which I still use to this day! But, with technology getting so cool and advanced I have upgraded to the SanDisk Solid State Drive and let me tell you so much faster transfering files.

And number 5! My gallery delivery system! I am always about client experience and even though this is just a online gallery program. It really delivers when my client receive their images! It has a beautiful, clean look. Easy to setup and even offers multiple deliverable for your clients to purchase! I guess I should tell you what it is huh? haha Pic-time Online the one and only!

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